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Something mainly for the fans of the Creepypasta "Sonic.exe"

And before anyone bitches, this is NOT an anti-God group. So please don't complain about the "I am God" thing

Please, please, PLEASE put your art in the correct folders! I can NOT stress this enough! The mods here can't do all the work you know, as Sonic.exe has quite a bit of art of him. So let me break this down for you.

Sonic.exe himself: This folder is just for Sonic.exe SOLO! If other characters appear, including Sonic himself, it does not belong in this folder. This is not limited to super/human forms, so if you have a super sonic.exe, go ahead and put it in there. Just as long as it's solo.

Other Official Characters as .exe: This is for other OFFICIAL characters as EXE's, not so called "original fan made" characters. This folder is only for any characters from either the games, Archie/SatAM, Fleetway, X, Underground, Adventures, OVA, or published by either Sega or Sonic Team. However, this is not limited to just the Sega universe. If you have something like 'Mario.exe', then he would qualify for and official character. However Megaman.exe is not acceptable since that's the battle network series and not a '.exe' like Sonic.exe. alsobecausebattlenetworksuckedhorriblyjustlikelegends

.exe Fan Characters: This is the folder where you put your Sonic.exe fan characters, or the .exe form of the character. If it's a group of fan characters as EXE's, they still go in this folder. Again, this is not limited to just Sonic fan characters. Just as long as it's not battle network FC's, then were good.

Group:This folder is for anything involving more than one exe character. If it's an OC with an FC, they can be here. Also note, if Sonic is in the picture it still counts as a group picture due to them being separate beings.

Writing: This folder is for anything in writing. Pretty much self explanatory.

Stamps and Icons: A folder for anything that is an icon or is a stamp goes here. Again, pretty much self explanatory.

Sprites: A folder anything sprite related goes in here. No matter what it is.

Misc: This folder is for couples, random comics, or anything random.

Photos: This folder is for anything that is for anything that has been photographed. Like sprites, no matter what it is it goes here.
Founded 6 Years ago
Jan 27, 2012


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Gallery Folders

Sonic.exe Himself
Sonic.exe .::The Angry God::. by NanoSis
X in Black and White by srlOctober23
Virus - My litle closet friend - back cover by Selfie1991
Sonic.exe by WolfKIce
Other Official Characters as .exe
Virus - My little closet friend - page 1 by Selfie1991
human cream exe by 2strawberry4you
Sally.exe Colored Pencil Drawing by srlOctober23
A.L.I.C.E. Marker Drawing by srlOctober23
.exe Fan Characters
Wanna Play? by X-Syirah-X
Artistia the Hedgehog's split Personalities (exe) by ArtistiaCons
Artistia Cons and Artisrtia.Exe by ArtistiaCons
DESTROYER.EXE by shadowNightmare13
PLAY WITH US by jkw8888
Sonic.exe- The Legend: Act 3/4 Mockup (GMod) by DarMario55
Sonic.exe- The Legend: Act 3 Mockup (GMod) by DarMario55
Sonic.exe- The Legend: Act 2 Mockup (GMod) by DarMario55
Stamps and Icons
Tails EXE Redesign Cutie Icon *RQ* by Forever-Amy-EXE
EXE Redesign Cutie Icon *RQ* by Forever-Amy-EXE
Cream.EXE Stamp by Forever-Amy-EXE
Amy.EXE Stamp by Forever-Amy-EXE
Modern Executor (Sonic.exe) Sprites V.5 by DarMario55
H311 (Hide and Seek Area) Background by DarMario55
Modern Executor (Sonic.exe) Sprites V.4 by DarMario55
Exetior the Executor Demon Hedgehog (My Version) by BECEnterprises
Devil Mario and Sonic.EXE by BeeWinter55

Mature Content

Eric Cartman mocking sonic.exe by fartgod138
Temmie.Exe by kill-soni
Sonic.exe and Axe Adam by CrystalHaloDA
Sonic and Sonic.EXE (Sculpture) by GCGblacknigth
Sonic.EXE (Sculpture) by GCGblacknigth
Sonic.exe cosplay for Halloween! by Opposites
Halloween: Sonic.exe by Opposites
The Seven Gaurdians
Aishu by Jokesterrzero


.:Sonic:. FOuND YOu! by SEGAMew .:Sonic:. FOuND YOu! :iconsegamew:SEGAMew 176 16 Your Just to Slow... by yoshivigking Your Just to Slow... :iconyoshivigking:yoshivigking 1 0 100TH DEVIATION!! by CJanpiel13 100TH DEVIATION!! :iconcjanpiel13:CJanpiel13 8 0 MMD Custom Creepypasta Model - Sonic.Exe V2.0 +DL+ by CJanpiel13 MMD Custom Creepypasta Model - Sonic.Exe V2.0 +DL+ :iconcjanpiel13:CJanpiel13 25 2 Sonic exe by Armando123321
Mature content
Sonic exe :iconarmando123321:Armando123321 4 2
Sonic.exe: GaMe OvEr by Darkdeathqueen Sonic.exe: GaMe OvEr :icondarkdeathqueen:Darkdeathqueen 245 26 Watch Your Step by deardiana15 Watch Your Step :icondeardiana15:deardiana15 137 51 Evils have feeling too, y'know by Knight-Of-GamKar Evils have feeling too, y'know :iconknight-of-gamkar:Knight-Of-GamKar 18 7 Bloody Sketch (Sonic Exe.) by deardiana15
Mature content
Bloody Sketch (Sonic Exe.) :icondeardiana15:deardiana15 51 40
You found what?? by inualet You found what?? :iconinualet:inualet 1,153 281 Sonic.EXE, Herobrine and Jeff the Killer (Sketch) by CandySugarSkullGirl9 Sonic.EXE, Herobrine and Jeff the Killer (Sketch) :iconcandysugarskullgirl9:CandySugarSkullGirl9 12 10 Sonic.exe - You're too slow by Fraeulein-Absynth Sonic.exe - You're too slow :iconfraeulein-absynth:Fraeulein-Absynth 500 188 Possession Sonic.Exe Pag 6 by kronosprincess Possession Sonic.Exe Pag 6 :iconkronosprincess:kronosprincess 12 11 mansion creppypasta... (halloween special) by SonicXstar mansion creppypasta... (halloween special) :iconsonicxstar:SonicXstar 116 43 Hands or Legs by 26SonicBoom Hands or Legs :icon26sonicboom:26SonicBoom 45 78

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Ok so I originally didn't want to have to do this, but after seeing quite a few people talk about it in a skype group I'm in as well as seeing some of this myself, it's best to warn people about this and let them know in advance. If you make or do anything related to Sonic.exe or anything exe in general, then for the love of God do whatever you need to to make sure a user: :iconsonicandtailsfan64: can't comment on your work. Block him or do what you have to because he despises Sonic.exe and anyone who likes it.

"Wait, that's it Johnny? He just doesn't like exe? Well that doesn't sound so bad, why would I want to block him for that? He's free to dislike things."

Of course he is obvious strawman, he's free to despise exe as much as he wants... However, that's not the problem here. The problem isn't that he dislikes Sonic.exe, but the fact he goes out of his way to pretty much comment on anything exe related and let you know how shit exe is and how you're a bad & terrible person for liking something so shitty. Quite frankly, it's annoying and a waste of his time as well as everyone elses.

"Well surely if someone just explains to him that people can like different things he'd understand right?"

Oh obvious strawman, if only it was that simple. See he tends to lack something called 'logic'. There have been many times where this has been said to him, only for him not to even listen and go right back to his ways. Hell I've tried to reason with him quite a few times, and with all of those times it was like talking to a brick wall.

Now since there's no reasoning with him, the only thing you can do to make sure your work isn't tainted by his comments is to block him. Do not try and message him or interact with him, just block and move on.

And to sonicandtailsfan64 all I have to say is that, I don't hate you. I just find you somewhat annoying and tiresome to deal with. We get it, you hate Sonic.exe. Congratulations.

Also, I'd advise you watch this video and actually take some notes from it:…

Update: Consider this a TL-DR.
Since some people are too fucking stupid to realize this, we're not saying block him for him hating exe. We're saying for people to block him because he goes out of his way to comment on every exe pic and basically say "This is shit, and you are shit for liking it." That is why this journal exists, don't believe his "Oh I'm the victim woe is me here's half of the facts" bull.

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Ryangodzillasonicfan Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2017  Student Digital Artist
I'm just gonna leave this comment here, just to give someone support here.

For those of you don't know, a user by the name of SuperN100 or anonymousClaim is working on a Sonic.exe: Darkest Struggles fan game based on the reboot of the same name.

Here's the link in the comment that you can play the demo.…
b0NNb0NN Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2017  Student Digital Artist
hey guys
first off almost at 1K great job keep up the great work!

i was wondering if i could contribute my ver. of sonic.exe to your gallery's
turbo referance (sorta) by b0NNb0NN
i took it apon myself to try and originalize exe (or as i call him Turbo) as much as i can but keep features that exe had in

i accept more ideas to originalize him more then he is rn so please critique  me
ive originalized his abilities, story, name, and character so far he looks pretty good
GhoosterBlooster64 Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2017
Do you accept joke .exe characters?
By joke .exe characters,I mean, instead of being evil/spooky and all,instead have a very meme-ish one?
Johnny-HedgeWolf Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2017
I mean.. Sort of? We really only accept Canon EXE acting memeish and silly since.. Well that is canon.

But stuff like Sanic.exe or something of the sort is not
GhoosterBlooster64 Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2017
Well,the silly point I got,and not going over-the-top meme,like Sanic.EXE/MLG.

But does it have to be canon to the creepypastas,or do you accept fan characters as well?
Selfie1991 Featured By Owner Edited May 26, 2017
Guys, I have something to tell you. It's about:
He is now calling people who love Sonic.EXE "Tails abusers" and it is all because of one little thing I did.

I posted a journal on my profile for you people to watch a Sonic.EXE video called "Tails in Lights Out" (Guys! Watch this!) I was about to delete it until he commented on it. Eventually, he called me a "Tails abuser". I mean, I love Tails, he is so cute!

Anyway, I did as you guys said and blocked him, but then he blocked me! It's so irritating!:angry:

I'm so sorry this happened to you guys. Just ignore him, okay.Huggle! 
Jas5576 Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
YOU PEOPLE MUST HAVE NO F****** IDEA THAT I SUFFER FROM.................. SONICEXEPHOBIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
SonicAndTailsfan64 Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2017
don't worry, sonic.exe is a piece of crap anyway, nothing to be afraid about
DarMario55 Featured By Owner Edited Sep 18, 2017   Writer
You know, SonicAndTailsfan64, when it comes to groups like this one, guys like you...

S H O U L D   B E   B U R N I N G   I N   H E L L.

Yup, an Undertale reference.
But really. Don't judge Sonic.exe fans just because of Sonic.exe's abusive nature to Tails or any of his "victims".
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